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(e.g.) Mindfulness & Unplugging

Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation are not new to me despite the practices only recently blooming in the world of modern psychology and medical science. My first 10-day silent mindfulness mediation retreat was over a decade ago! I don’t believe Mindfulness alone is sufficient for change, however it is a vital ingredient. I can teach you both formal and informal mindfulness practices to improve your overall well-being, performance, and relationships. Mindfulness can help you at @Work, @Play, @Relationships, & @LifeBalance.

There are many areas of life that can be improved by applying mindfulness science. I can tailor that for you.

(e.g.) mindfulness coaching

Common requests are: 

(e.g.) mindfulness coaching

(e.g.) unplug2recharge

(e.g.) mindful parenting

(e.g.) mindful relationships

(e.g.) mindful work

(e.g.) mindful performance

(e.g.) life balance

(e.g.) life balance
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