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(e.g.) Consulting & Coaching

As a Psychological Consultant I understand the science behind change. I know what works for sustainable change.

I apply change science to your stuck points for you as an individual, your group, or your organisation.

If you need clarity around change, I can provide expert technical advice about psychological theories, practice, and the implementation of psychological tools that improve outcomes.

If you are under performing @Work, @Play, @Relationships, @LifeBalance or stuck in unsatisfying relationships with your family, friends, intimate partners, or children, I can help you.

There are many areas of life that can be improved by applying change science.

I can tailor that for you, common requests are:

(e.g.) life coaching

(e.g.) couples coaching & counselling

(e.g.) parenting coaching & skills 

(e.g.) emotion coaching

(e.g.) ‘I’m not sure’ coaching sessions

(e.g.) unplug2recharge

(e.g.) performance coaching

(e.g.) mindful change

(e.g.) psychological advice

(e.g.) psychological mentor

(e.g.) lifebalance

(e.g.) values + change

psychological advice Surf Coast
Life Coaching Geelong
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