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Hello there, I’m Dr Emma Gallagher.
I am a Clinical Psychologist and Psychological Consultant, located in East Geelong on the Surf Coast. 

See Me In - Person or Online.

As a Clinical Psychologist, I work with people in my clinic room to help them deal with difficult thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in order to improve their well-being and begin to thrive. I aim to help people make sustainable change. This may involve working with diagnoses of mental illness(es), and always includes mind healing.

You are able to contact me via phone 03 5222 3044.

I see people with or without a GP referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP); however, you will require a GP referral and MHTP in order to access Medicare rebates.

As a Psychological Consultant, I provide technical and expert advice about psychological theories, practice, and the implementation of psychological tools that improve outcomes for individuals, groups, and organisations.

As a Psychological Consultant for individuals I help people identify unhelpful patterns that impact your family, friends, intimate partners, or children, and I help you engage in more helpful behaviors.

I am also a Mindfulness Consultant and Practitioner.

I am also a speaker and author.

I like to think I am open, honest, warm, kind, thoughtful, and scientific.

I like to lead by example.

Most importantly, I am invested in getting to know you and how I can help you.

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you.

Dr Emma Gallagher
Psychological Consultant East Geelong
Psychologist Geelong
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